Admission criteria

In order to access the program it will be necessary to have a degree with the educational characteristics of an Official University Master's Degree with a research profile related to chemical, agri-food or life sciences and technologies.

It is recommended that the student has sufficient knowledge of scientific English.

Those holding a university degree that includes 240 ECTS and an official university master's degree of 60 ECTS (or a doctoral program with a teaching period of 60 ECTS), preferably those offered totally or partially by the Universities that offer the program, may apply for admission to the doctoral program.

In general, when the number of applications for admission that meet the established requirements exceeds the number of places offered, the Academic Committee responsible for the program, following the procedure established by the University, will define and make public specific evaluation criteria that will take into account the following general criteria:

Academic criteria, being essential the presentation of the academic transcript and curriculum vitae. The average grade of the transcript will be up to 90%, distributed as follows: for the degree (or equivalent) it will be up to 55% of the evaluation.

This average grade of the transcript may be weighted according to the degree of academic affinity of the degree that gives access to the doctoral program; for the master's degree, the average grade will be up to 35% of the score.

Applicants will be assessed for other merits (rest of the score, up to 100% of the total), such as: recognition of their academic record, having enjoyed a research initiation grant, having experience in research initiation activities or professional experience related to the program, and knowledge of languages.